The Mysterious Egg

eggMy last Sunday was very unusual. I was taking a shower sometime in the afternoon when I heard someone banging my door really hard. Considering half of the WG (my flat) was empty, and we already had a fire alarm the same morning, I wondered what could be so important that someone kept banging my door that way. None of my neighbors knock the door really hard. Hence, I got a bit worried and stepped out. I went to the balcony and found Fabiola, Phyllis and Lepa. They pointed towards the picture you see here.

Yes, an egg that came out from the soil where Fabiola has been gardening her plants. Fabiola and Phyllis, together, grilled me about how the egg came there because I was the prime suspect. I could not help but laugh and that only made things worse for me. However, for a change, it was not me who did anything preposterous in the WG. This is when we started thinking about all the people in the WG, who could have done it, and what was the intention behind such an act. Let me introduce an assortment of characters with whom I live and have lived in the past.

Ryan: A bachelor’s student in Biology domain, a happy-go-lucky Australian who lived with us for nearly a year. During his final days in the WG, he did tell me about doing something annoying with me or Fabiola. He also slept one day in the balcony in middle of the night when he could not enter his room.

Berkay: Engineer is the right word to describe him. There is nothing he cannot do, and there is nothing he cannot learn. He moved back to Turkey a week before Ryan left. He used to maintain an Avocado plant in the balcony as well. In addition, he also has a great reputation of pranking his flatmates. In other words, he is also my ally.

Ankur: Me. I possess absolutely no knowledge about plants and gardening. I only care about the coriander and mint plants in the balcony although I do not maintain it at all. In addition, I do not do things or prank if I do not know the consequence. I am one of the prime suspects along with Berkay.

Emir: Another biologist from Turkey who has been doing his master thesis. He has been going to lab during odd times to carry out his experiments. Could this be one of his experiments which no one was aware of?

Sultana: My other neighbor from Kazakhstan. She is a very cultural individual and also waters the plants sometimes. She tries to prank me and Berkay because we troll her often. Nevertheless, Sultana has certain life hacks to go about things; could this be one?

Aysun: Our other neighbor from Turkey. She now stays in another building and knows how to take care of plants. She was in Turkey when this incident unfolded. Did she put the egg due to any reason?

Phyllis: Phyllis is from China. She is usually in charge of taking care of the plants in the balcony when Fabiola is away. And as expected, she used to water the plants in Fabiola’s absence. However, she was grilling me as well. Hence, she does not seem to be the suspect at all.

Elena: Elena is our most no-nonsense WG mate from Macedonia. She has so far not done anything ridiculous apart from throwing a few things belonging to others randomly into the dustbin without their consent. Elena was staying in another place temporarily when Fabiola discovered the egg.

Maxi: Our new flatmate from Germany who has occupied Aysun’s room. He can hardly be seen in the WG, let alone Maxi being in the balcony doing something as adventurous as planting an egg.

Fabiola: Our old flatmate from Germany. Most of the plants in the balcony belongs to her. She was in Russia for two weeks delegating the task of watering the plants to Phyllis. I am sure, at the time of reading this as well, she would be fuming about this incident.

Fabiola kept asking everyone as to who could have done this. Messages went swiftly to Turkey and Australia asking Ryan, Aysun and Berkay. Aysun knowing that Berkay is capable of doing this, asked him personally as well. I was dragged out of my shower in middle of a nice afternoon; thanks to the person who planted this egg. Lepa, who is Elena’s friend from Macedonia, was confident that it was me. In fact, for a while, even Phyllis and Fabiola were cent percent sure that it was me or Berkay. One by one, we all started denying the charge on us. Fabiola became completely restless, it had been nearly an hour that no one has taken responsibility for this mess.

In the meanwhile, I was told that there were some worms unearthed from other pots. So, I started googling if the egg was from any worms although it was too big and looked like the regular egg we consume. Fabiola asked me or Phyllis to break the egg and check but both of us refrained. Fabiola took one spoon and broke the egg. Phyllis and I cared about which spoon she took so that we could avoid using that spoon in the future as we were disgusted by it. It turned out to be a regular egg and it was stinking badly.

Sometime in the evening, Lepa narrated the incident to Elena. Elena, who was not suspected at all, turned out to be the culprit. We were curious to know the reason behind why she would do this. Back in Macedonia, apparently, after Easter, one does not throw the egg but plant in the soil. It had been months since Easter got over and we did not have the slightest hunch about Elena pulling off such a heist. It would go down as one of the best memories of living in this house with these people and a classic case of culture shock.

Both of them, since this incident, have not come face-to-face with each other because they are currently not in town. But sometime next week, I am in for some great entertainment to see how the German retaliates to the Macedonian.

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