Stiftsbogen WG Munich

Our WGI had been part of this WG (Wonderful Group, just kidding, it is Wohngemeinschaft, pronounced as Way-Gay in short) in Stiftsbogen, Munich, since November 2015. And this is how it has been ever since:

Elena: When I entered the WG, I saw a tall fair beautiful girl doing her dishes in the common kitchen area. She introduced herself as Elena from Macedonia. We sometimes call her Miss Macedonia. I also vividly remember, on my first day, my bathroom door was not opening and she got a knife from the kitchen to help me open it. Elena makes amazing carrot cakes, muffins and lasagna. She, in fact, makes the best lasagna I have ever had. She has also developed a liking towards Indian food and has Indian spices like turmeric powder, chilli powder, and stuff in her cupboard. She keeps reminding me about keeping my dishes in place but she often forgets her own keys in the kitchen. Funny girl. She wants to come to India for my marriage too.

Saltanat: The next day morning, I met another fair girl in the kitchen. Saltanat from Kazakhstan. Although I had heard of Kazakhstan before, it seemed really amusing to meet a person from such a region. She loves flowers and I have promised her to get some when I visit the Netherlands. Saltanat used to love Indian chicken curry and I used to enjoy cooking for her. I love the cakes she bakes. Wow, that rhymes. But unfortunately, she has turned Vegan. I am sad. I doubt if she would bake anymore cakes. Like Elena, she too wants to come to India for my marriage. Considering she loves tea, she will surely love India.

Fabiola: My first German friend. Surprisingly, Fabiola is a vegetarian. Luckily, she enjoys all the vegetarian food anybody cooks, be it me or anybody else in the WG. She has also developed better resistance towards Indian spices. She makes great Pl├Ątzchen. Fabiola is the youngest in our group but breaks the stereotypes people have towards Germans. She is a lovely open minded individual and takes humor in the right spirit.

Aysun: She stays right opposite to my room. Another friendly woman from Turkey. The day she said she is from Turkey, I got reminded of Indian movies shot in Istanbul. Aysun prepared us a lovely Turkish dinner one night. She has commendable baking skills too and I am a big fan of the chocolate cake she makes. There were days when that chocolate cake was just my breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am waiting for more of them.

Elina: Another WG mate of mine. Elina is from Greece. Of all the people, Elina has the least tolerance towards spicy food. Elina often used to bake different kinds of food for us. She also hosted a Greek dinner for us before she left. But I love her lemon cake the most, and I will miss that a lot. Elina is popularly called as Doctor at times in our WG because she studies medicine. I am going to visit her in Athens soon.

Petherina: Petherina is the entertainer of our WG. She is from Namibia. She once bragged about how good Namibia is when it comes to cricket, and I could not help but laugh. When she talks, everybody listens. She imparts her wisdom to all of us with respect to humanity, religion, politics, and many other things which you can think of and you cannot think of. She keeps all of us in splits. She loves to shop, she loves to party, she knows to live life to the fullest. Petherina will leave in a few days and her void will be felt.

Berkay: My other Turkish WG mate. He is the only person in our WG who can tolerate more spice than me and my other Indian friends. Berkay is the most chilled out person in our WG. There were days when he regularly threw the garbage away and did not complain. He has a great sense of humor and naturally makes all of us laugh with his point of views and statements. He, along with Aysun, will be my go-to people in Turkey.

Sam Anna: My first Indian friend in this WG, even before Arif Anna. He is from RWTH and was completing his thesis in Munich. When I saw him for the first time, I was sure he would be an Asian and I was happy when he said he is from Tamil Nadu, the state where I hail from. Sam Anna is an example for a true gentleman. Everybody in our WG loves him, and we still keep talking about what he is upto and when we could catch up with him in Aachen.

Arif Anna: My go-to man in Stiftsbogen. He is from India. He is from Tamil Nadu. He is from SRM University, the same university where I did my bachelors. I gel with him with ease. He is a companion to talk in Tamil regularly and pull everybody’s legs. He makes Biryani for all of once in a while. We cook together most often but during my semester exams, he took charge of cooking for me whenever he could and made sure I had my meal. Be it watching match or movie, discussing about news back home, cooking, or getting something from the shop, Arif Anna has always been there for me. I will miss him badly once his thesis is over.

Emir: Once Petherina left, Emir came to her room. Emir is my third Turkish WG mate from Istanbul. He is pursuing his masters in Biology but is extremely knowledgeable about different things. I have had deep discussions about history and politics with him. Emir is one of the very few souls who backs his claims with strong facts and arguments.

Phyllis: Phyllis is my first Chinese friend. Initially, she was a bit reserved. But along with time, she has gone on to become one of my really close friends. We cook Asian food together. She introduced me to Jianbing, a kind of Chinese pancake, which I am obsessed with ever since I had for the first time. We also have discussions on statistics and technological advancements from time to time.

Ryan: Ryan is my friend from Sydney, or rather in Aussie way, my Aussie mate! A wonderful human being who stayed with us for nearly a year. The good thing was he knew a lot about cricket compared to anyone in the WG and occasionally, we played cricket together downstairs and at times inside the WG. Ryan introduced me to two amazing things: Golden Gaytime and Pavlova. I envy him because he has seen the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Maxi: Maxi is the second German in the WG. Nobody knows when he is there and when he would not be. However, whenever he is there, we convince him to bake something. He is at par with other bakestars in the WG. He is also a very big unusual fan of my honey chilli potatoes!

Giulia: Giulia is the latest addition to this list. She is from Italy. She is extremely sweet and has synced with us in no time from the very first day. She listens to stories, she yaps about her stuff from Italy, she is always up for trying and experiencing new things like anyone else, and has never showed any symptoms of being shy about anything. And I am apparently her first Indian friend, so looking forward to make more memories with her.

We are all there for each other. We have our WG dinners from time to time when everybody cooks something, gets beer or drinks and then engage in some unforgettable conversations. We are all crazy in some way or the other; dealing with a mouse, or the dishes kept near the tap, or waking up just to collect someone’s parcel, or shamelessly taking someone else’s food from the fridge, or asking someone to make food for us because we are tired. This is our small world. This is our WG. This is us.

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