My Other Home In Munich

In SalzburgI have 3 homes in Munich. One, my own room at Stiftsbogen. Second, my relative’s place near Ostbahnof. Third, the place where my two darlings Pratiksha and Priya stay (luckily just a few buildings away), which I also call my other home in Munich. At the time of writing this, I am sitting with them in their room, yapping along while writing about them; and they are probably clueless about this. By the time they read this, it will be past.

I have known Pratiksha even before I got an offer from the Technical University of Munich. She was one of the persons I was really looking forward to meet after reaching Munich. I met her for the first time along with Priya at Marienplatz and the very same day we went to Oktoberfest. Pratiksha was short; Priya was shorter; and for a change I felt tall although I am short too. Little did I know that not only Pratiksha, but Priya would become very close to me as well. Pratiksha calls me Chutku (someone who is short) and Priya calls me Motu (someone who is fat). I have no idea why. Chutku is justifiable, motu is not!

Since our first outing during Oktoberfest, Pratiksha and Priya had invited me over numerous times to join them for lunch or dinner and seldom did I refuse. Whenever they called me, they would not let me do anything, be it chopping the onions or doing the dishes.

They always tell me, “Ankur, aaj yeh bana rahein hain, aaja! Aaj woh bana rahein hain, aaja! (Ankur, today we are making this, come over! Today we are making that, come over!”

“Ankur tu bata tujhe kya khana hai, hum wohi banayenge. (What do you want to have Ankur, we will cook whatever you want.)”

This reminded me of my family back home. My grandmother and mother would always ask me what I wanted to have and cook exactly the same. My granny or mom would hardly let me do anything in the kitchen. I blindly trust Pratiksha and Priya with their cooking because both cook with love, and my standard answer always is, “Kuch bhi banao, kha lunga. (Make anything you want, I will eat it)”

Now I would request you to give this a thought, when does a person give such a reply? Only when they know anything someone cooks would be absolutely succulent. Food apart, I can bank on them with almost anything. Here are a few instances:

Me: Priya, maine pura doodh gira diya stove pe ubaalte waqt. Aake help kar please. (Priya, I have made a mess of the stove while boiling the milk. Please come over and help me.)
Priya: Rukk, main aati hun! (Wait, I will come!)
*and she is at my doorstep in 5 minutes*

Me: Pratiksha, Rajma kaise banau? (Pratiksha, how do I make Rajma?)
Pratiksha: Arre bohot simple hai (It is very easy)
*and she explains me the whole thing*

Me: Priya, I cannot understand what he is teaching.
Priya: Main tujhe padha dungi (I will teach you)
*and explains me everything*

*11 o clock in the night*
Me: Pratiksha, I am very tired and am carrying a lot of things, can you come to the UBahn and help me?
Pratiksha: Haan, aati hun (Yes, I am coming)
*turns up as expected*

Well, this will go on. I can keep saying more and more. By the time I graduate, I can write a book solely on them. Priya is extremely funny and cute. She makes classy statements out of the blue. Pratiksha is always at the receiving end because I troll her always. But both also advise me about certain nuances of life. After all they are elder than me, and I gladly look up to them and pay heed to whatever they say.

My WG mates once asked me, “Ankur, you often cook for those 2 friends of yours. Do they ever cook for you?”

Me reply, “Yes, they have done a lot more for me than cooking. Even if they never cook for me, I will be more than happy to cook or do something for them unconditionally.”

This is one of the reasons why I did not think twice before buying chocolates for both of them during Diwali. It is a tradition in India; during Diwali you present something to your loved ones.

For the first time in life, I am doing a job which pays me. I am going to be paid soon. And I am so happy that I will get Priya something with my own money. I do not know what it is, how much it would cost, whether she would like it or not, but it will be the first time I will be buying something for someone with the money I have earned. And by the time Pratiksha’s birthday comes, I will be a rich fag (metaphorically). Again, they have supported me through this. This is the least I can do.

Long story short, these women are beautiful! Not only by looks but also by heart and I am blessed to have them in my life.

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