CSE Appatakers

Red Fort, Delhi, IndiaI had my farewell in college last evening and then we (my class) went to have dinner at Crimson Chakra at Khader Nawaz Khan Road. Although I would have loved to say these things in front of my whole class, I chose to blog it so that it remains forever and people can come see it whenever they want. I am now going to speak about each and everyone in my class, CSE – A, popularly known as CSE Appatakers, class of 2015, SRM University, Vadapalani, Chennai.

PS: You guys have been great. Many memories created. I have not been close to all. So please do not take anything to heart. I am sorry for any mistake and trouble caused to any of you. Some of you still want to beat me up, that’s fine. Don’t worry, you cant! I run faster than all of you except Nagesh. Wish you all best of luck for the future!

Madhumathi Mam:
Popularly known as Madhu Mam and the mother of CSE – A as said by HOD mam. Class advisor since second year. Handled DAA, OS, CN, AI, SE, MC and DM. Project Guide for quite a few. Stood by us during our testing times. Protected us always. Made sure no student landed in trouble. Motivated us by making us do more and more. Never ever gave programs in lab and always pushed us to do well. An important person for the development and growth of TOFSIS. Encouraged everyone to chase their dreams, be it MBA, MS, or Job.

Sadique – 01:
Popularly known as Shad and Bai (no, not the kaamwali bai, Muslims in Chennai are referred to as Bai) from Port Blair. If I can remember correctly, the first time I properly spoke to him was in Engineering Graphics class. Over the years, I have known him as a person who can master a language in short time. I have cracked way too many PJs and he always wanted to know how I pull it off every time spontaneously. Also, I will remember him for being a person who is so good at convincing others. No wonder he plays a crucial role when it comes to getting sponsorships for our department’s symposium. The thing that annoys me about him is that he supports the Aussies, a team I cannot stand. And hence, he ends up winning 9/10 bets during India-Australia matches.

Yuvaraj – 02:
Popularly known as Yuvi. A superb dancer. One of those very few guys who manages to keep the crowd on its feet. I witnessed his other side in the last semester – a great cricketer and a team man. He is bowler I love to face, not because it is easy for me but it is challenging and I get to be better as a batsman.

Krishnaraj – 04:
I have troubled him to death with my PJs a million times. Lately, I have also sledged him on the field and got sledged by him in return. Another good sporting character.

Bhamini – 05:
Popularly known as Bhoms. The Mad Chick girl, a girl with guts. I will remember Bhamini for being one of the boldest characters I have come across. I will remember the lecture she gave during Industrial Training hour on women’s safety. I developed her company’s website and at the time of writing this, she owes me a treat. Also, a girl who loves taking selfies with each and everyone in the class.

Abdud – 06:
Popularly known as the scientist and the terrorist. The guy who bagged the very first job from our batch at Indix. He was one of those guys who made many realize CGPA is just a number. The wealth of knowledge he possessed, his willingness to help people and his down-to-earth nature makes him a lovable character. It was a real pleasure to have learnt so many things with respect to the subject from him. And as days goes, I wish to learn more. The way he sent a location to Nagaraj when he asked “What’s your point” made me feel proud.

Srikanth – 07:
Popularly known as Chika, Cheeks, Symposium and Narad Muni. A department favorite. My friend from school. A very proactive and helpful person, also go-to person for many in the class. Plays an influential role in many matters. A pet of many teachers in the department. Has knowledge about various things. My partner for TOFSIS, a venture we started in second year. Sat next to me for 4 years, dropped me home everyday in the first year. I will always be grateful for the corrections he made for my SOPs, essays and LORs. Gave title to the CSK article I wrote which was shared by CSK official page and got 25000 hits in one day. Helped me with my GRE and TOEFL. Kept listening to my 60 second short speeches on random topics and gave useful feedback. I annoyed him a lot with the same, with my PJs and many other things. Captain of Katcheri group. Love the way he trolls and demeans Nagesh, Antony and other people in the class. All the car ride memories, new food places, Absolute Barbeque and the Enrique songs, giving me Rum during that IV night, countless memories.

Venkat – 08:
Known as a model and Amul Baby (from VIP fame). Another victim of my PJs. Love trolling him and got beaten up quite a few times too.

Keerthana – 09:
Never really knew her well but will remember her for teasing Nagaraj along with Bhamini when he was refraining from talking much or sitting near girls in the first year.

Abhinav – 10:
The guy who sat next to me during CTs in first year. Tall, fat, gigantic, an amusing character according to me.

Lokesh – 11:
Known was Master Chifu. I have no clue how that name came. Another character who entertains with his words. Not sure if he is pretentious or intentional, doesn’t matter really.

Adithya Narayanan – 12:
Known as Aega and Akon. My team captain. Always loses the toss but we manage to win games. Over the years, he became a person who started cracking PJs along with me. Never ever saw him getting angry, not even once. Cool as a cucumber always. Excellent mimicry artist.

Basweshwar – 13:
The power star of our class. Silent and innocent looking but drops bombs occasionally about various topics when we had underestimated him of knowing anything. Again, no loud voice, always very humble, trying to put an effort to learn and explore new things.

Sharath – 14:
Freakish fashion sense. Weird color pants is what I will remember him for. Loves to dress. Not to forget, he owns a restaurant and the chicken items he used to bring and share with us.

Sneha – 15:
Again, a silent person. Didn’t mingle much but whenever I spoke to her, she was always polite. Her voice itself is so soft. She owns a tony and guy shop if I am not wrong, guess time to get a hair cut there if she does not mind.

Adithya Ganapathy – 16:
AG. The guy who loves to dance. Entertained us with Baby Doll. My team’s strike bowler. Pissed him off many many times with my PJs. Had many other plans and outings. Light house, royal sandwich, trustpuram cricket ground, things I will always remember.

SK Vignesh – 17:
SK. My competitor throughout the 4 years. Another guy whom I never saw losing his cool. Will remember him for scoring 3 ducks in 3 matches for my team and then smashing 2 sixes in the next match to pull off an improbable chase.

Krithika – 18:
One of my earliest girl friends in this place. The only girl with whom I felt very open initially in my first year. Fridge joke was one of the best jokes I ever cracked on her. I asked her “Fridge chal raha hai?”, she said, “Haan”. I told her, “Pakadle, bhaag jayega”. Trolled! Immediately I asked her, “Ghar pe fridge hai” and she replied with an angry “NO”. I trolled her further saying, “Kaisa rahega, bhaag ke chala gaya na”. Went to watch Agneepath, Conjuring, Kahaani and Barfi with her, Sukanya and Nagesh. Also went for Interstellar with her. She was one of them who helped me improve my English and pushed me to do well in my GRE. And yes, playing a key role in giving me memorable birthdays, especially the 20th one. Isi baat pe ek baar Chicken khila dunga tujhe.

Sathish – 19:
I guess he wants to badly beat me up. He also tried to rope in other class people to do the same. That’s the extent to which I troubled him. Opponent team, went and danced in front of him with Nagesh when he got out. Another go-to man for sponsorship with Sadique.

Salman – 20:
Sallu bhai. We share critical feedbacks of various movies, especially Bollywood flicks. One of those persons who shares the same views as me when it comes to food and movies. Loves Australia, teams up with Sadique to shove it up in my face when India loses. An excellent speaker. One of those who applauded my PJ skills. Came to know a lot about Saudi from him. He still owes me a jumbo shawarma. Charminar biryani was amazing, need to take him somewhere too. Will never forget his Belly dancing marketing idea which he explained during IME class in 7th semester.

Haripriya – 21:
Like many others, even I confuse her with Yogapriya. That’s all. xD

Yogapriya – 22:
Like many others, even I confuse her with Haripriya. That’s all. xD

Chandrashekhar – 23:
Chandy or Chandra as he is called. Playboy according to many, friend zoned and brother zoned according to many. Will remember him for his sports – basketball, cricket and definitely volleyball. That volleyball smash, goodness me! Gets trolled by me very often. A very fun loving character but get sentimental and leaves whatsapp groups for silly reasons. And yes, you never called me and Chika for I.

Dawn – 24:
Don. Jodhpur. Pakistan. Another girl friend during my initial days. Valentines Day at Simran’s appai kadai was our first outing. No, not exclusively with her. And then movies, birthdays, etc. She’s the one who gets trolled the most by me. Even today she would just fall for any prank I play on her. One who asks me to take her 10 places, but I end up taking her to only one of them. I am sorry Dawn. When I get back after my masters, I will be having enough money to take you everywhere. Brick House treat, although I had less. Leaving groups like Chandra for silly reasons. Big bold good handwriting, I am sorry Dawn but my eyes pain. She said she lighted a candle for me before my GRE. Dessert hopping still left, don’t forget.

Nagesh – 25:
A gem of a friend. Called him Gay, rich bastard and what not. Met him during admission counselling. Happened to sit near him on the first day. Still sit near him after 4 years. One who spends more time than all the boys put together when it comes to dressing. Not to forget his obsession towards shoes. Proof reading my documents for masters. Banging head. Returning my handkerchief after 4 years after I gave him to wipe his tears during workshop class. Reckless driver. Excellent team player. The way you ran that day across the pitch, faster than Usain Bolt man, kudos! The best in class when it comes to presenting on stage. The way he shouts out wrong answers with confidence only to get embarrassed later. Trolled him last night saying Paneer but made him eat fish instead. One who owns an Armaani. Went to many food joints together. Bowling Down Under on your birthday was a great day man, Tovo inclusive of course. Remember how our jaws dropped when we came to know Tanima’s uncle was the villain in Thuappakki? The fun we had pulling each others legs along with Antony and Srikanth. NASA memories were amazing, never leave that whatsapp group. IV memories. You humping Pranit. Pranit opening the bathroom door, countless memories here again.

Sai Krishna Reddy – 26:
Golti gang, the most silent and studious of the lot if I am not wrong.

Aninthan – 27:
My partner in crime for trolling and fooling others on whatsapp, facebook and other places. Another competitor for academics. Will remember him for one very big reason. I have seen many competitors not helping each other out, being self centered and selfish. Aninthan was exactly the opposite. He helped me when I asked him doubts. Told me what to learn when I had no clue. Got more than him many times, but never did he shows signs of, “how did he get more than me”. Both of us have always acknowledged each other’s achievements. He has beat me 4 times, I have beat him 3 times, there’s one last semester to go. A really good sportive person. All rounder of my team.

Aswani – 28:
While Tanima, Dawn, Manan, Pranit, Nagesh and I were struggling to control Krithika and Sukanya, Aswani was having a great nap as though nothing happened. I will remember you for this. LOL.

Baisani – 29:
The boy from Cudappah. Can bring the roof down with his whistles. Part of the golti gang.

Kammula Manikanta – 30:
Asks me cricket scores once in a while. Recently got fooled by trying to act smart by saying he was absent when Sir asked him a question, and sir took his register out and marked him absent for the day. Part of the golti gang.

Aakash – 31:
Used to borrow my notes because he joined the class a bit late. We share the same surname, Sinha. No, not from the same family. Quiet guy, but speaks well when you strike a conversation with him.

Lokesh Soni – 32:
The linux wonder boy. One of those guys who believed in building technical knowledge outside books.

Vaishnavi – 33:
Vaishu. She kept a track of my PJs and gave me a book full of same on my 21st birthday. Love discussing about food. More often than not, we share similar views about the class. Played cricket and carom with her. Saw Indo-Pak match together. Will remember her especially for her uncontrollable laughs.

Pranit – 34:
Pandey. Troubled him many times by scribbling on his hands and cheeks. IV memories. Getting humped by Nagesh. Christmas night, the way he opened the shutter of a closed shop and asked them to give us a cake. While the girls room during IV was in a panic mode, the boys room having me, Pranit, Nagesh, Manan and Chika were relaxed. And Pranit spent most of the time sleeping. Although he woke in middle of the night to come along with me and handle Anand Sir about an issue. I hope he remembers that, and so does Dawn. Epic shit! Also often called for plugging in the cable inside the projector port.

Alice – 35:
The girl hailing from Anju gang. That’s how much I know about her. That’s all.

Nagaraj – 36:
Nagu. Editor for posters and videos. One of the key members in ousting me from the Katcheri group. xD

Manjusha – 37:
Dancer. Innocent. Kind. The way she threw Chandra’s specs during the IV when I said there was an insect, priceless!

Chandan – 38:
The guy who turns back to see my answers and fails in doing so more often than not. The boy from Bihar. Comedy piece.

Myself, Ankur – 39:

Sukanya – 40:
Known as Sukku and Maami. A girl I was scared of initially. If I had to tell her 10 things, I would say 7 of them via Krithika. Annoyed her also nicely. Keep trolling her often. She tries to resist chocolate for not getting fat, and hence I tempt her further. She’s my partner. No, not my girlfriend or lover. She and I did many things together, studying, going out, trolling people, discussing gossips and entrepreneurial ideas, copying during exams, talking about lame hindi flicks, doing projects, freelancing, scooty, etc. Some went well, some went bad. We had our ups and downs, but we crossed all the hurdles. Often teased in the class, but that’s gone now. She gave me three memorable birthdays and chose the gift everytime. A lovely t shirt, which I wore so much that it faded and got spoilt in 2 years. A nice formal shirt, which I wear only for important occasions, and a CSK T shirt which she gave me for my last birthday. You still need to give me something I can keep forever. LOL. Probably this time my birthday will be bland. After having three great birthdays her absence will be greatly felt. I taught her things, and I also learnt things. She was a wonderful host when I visited Delhi. We love desserts. The lemon juice we had outside Red Fort. Rajiv Chowk crowd. Still have to take you to Amadora, I will definitely. Saw her eating properly only at Grill Ministri. Her paati’s sambar rice. Opinions about dressing. So many pics together. Love your Agra pic the most. Getting annoyed when I put my hand on my lips and come unshaved. Ranting to me for hours. Taking care of files on TOFSIS. Encouraging me during my GRE, TOEFL and my masters. Receiving mock scientist award from you was a pleasure! LOL. Still have to go to beach and movie exclusively with her. CSK match also. A wonderful friend one can ask for, I will definitely miss her like hell.

Lokesh Saravanan – 41:
Saru or Kasi. Another excellent character. The way he mimicked a scenario between Chandan and a mechanical faculty. I wish I find that video. People tease him for being crazily rich.

D Venkat – 42:
The guy who prepared silently for his masters. Always polite. Part of the Golti gang.

Arthi – 43:
She was teased by English teacher in the first semester when he used to call her Akilandeshwari. I will remember her the way she screams and laughs, it is so boisterous that the whole class lost attendance because of her once and I lost my 100% attendance in third semester.

Mahalakshmi – 44:
I tease her with an imaginary character just to piss her off. Asks me answers during the exam as she sits 2-3 meters away from me.

Anshul – 45:
The guy who loves to eat my lunch. The guy who always says, “Bhai seedha jawaab de” when he asks me something and I give him an irrelevant answer. The opening partner of my team.

Varsha – 46:
Known as Versa and Vandi Kutti. Bhamini’s partner for The Mad Chick Store. Another humble down to earth person. A frequent victim of my PJs. A very lovely character overall.

Rajkumaran – 48:
Guitarist. Coder. Girl Magnet if I am not wrong. The guy who almost nailed Works Applications. Never mind man, you’ll definitely get something great in future.

Antony – 49:
Atheist. Capable of demeaning anybody. Travels to Bangalore even to pee. The quarrels we have when the NASA (Nagesh, Antony, Srikanth, Ankur) gang tries to prove who is the richest amongst all. The person who has read many books, solves cubes during lecture hours, never refrains anybody from helping, never criticizes anyone in open, buys games, owns many gadgets, yes, he is rich! He helped me more than my English tutor for GRE. No matter what I got, I attribute it to him. I owe him a lot of treats. Not sure if I can give treats for all of them now, but will definitely hunt him down and treat him the day I earn a lot. Love discussing and experimenting with food. Dinner at Shaack was amazing. The way he speaks hindi. The way I made him sing the National Anthem in front of the whole class. Possess great knowledge about various things. The brains behind Brainetiks. A great friend for life.

Shivanuja – 50:
She looks like a geek amongst all the girls. Very soft spoken person. Very sportive. Had some good time when we travelled to KTR during placements.

Rajashekhar – 51:
A cool character. Soft spoken when needed, speaks like a don when he’s full of energy. Part of Golti gang.

Sai Omkar – 52:
Known as Chotu, no idea why, but he is a part of the golti gang too.

Sai Krishna – 53:
Popularly known as Thalapathy. Was my team mate for Software Engineering. He really did put an honest effort to learn things and present them on the dais. Part of the golti gang.

Manikantesh – 54:
I do not get to know if he’s there in the class in the first place. Spoke to him very few times. Was really good, seemed shy. Part of the golti gang.

Vishnu – 55:
Cricket fan. Asks me for scores often. Tells me the scores when I ask him. Part of the golti gang.

Madhu – 56:
Known for his witty comebacks. When Madhu mam initiated a topic on Samsung vs Apple, he took the topic back to the Chinese inventing abacus. That’s still vivid on my mind. A very nice guy. Puts nice mokka when needed. Heard stories about coding after getting high.

Tanima – 57:
Dancer. Party Girl. Kerala board topper. Kannur girl. Another close friend who keeps getting trolled every now and then. But now she’s wary and knows me very well and doesn’t fall for my pranks very easily. Drew many flowers in her books. Shares similar taste buds when it comes to food, except Crescent. Sorry Tanima, even Chika will agree with me on this. He pooped in my house after having Biryani there. BTW, you let me poop at your place once too. Trips to KTR. Looks like Charmander. Supposed to be the dumbest compared to others in her family, I don’t say this, don’t blame me. LOL. Nods her head a lot. Takes down notes diligently siting in the first few rows. Your excitement after you got through Caterpillar. We still haven’t gone to BBQ Nation.

Anju – 58:
The lame jokes she posts on FB, oh my God! Not even original like me. Another lovely character. I guess I promised her a treat if I get a university abroad. She forgot, so doesn’t count anymore I guess. Soft spoken, comes from Tambaram, late 99/100 times. Confused to be a Muslim or a Hindu because of her surname, Malik.

Manan – 59:
He loves to be called Manya. I don’t call him Manya though. Great IV memories. Awesome food partner. Went to many food places and the Jai Shree Christmas night with Pranit and Nagesh. That picture we posed for with Sukanya’s pink dupatta, priceless! Loves eating the Jeera rice I used to bring. Another bodyguard of our class alongside Pranit. Another guy who can learn languages quickly. Once during German exam we all of us forget the German equivalent for Time Table, Manan shouted “STUNDENT PLAN”. Also my cake hunting partner.

Utkarsh – 60:
Thin like me. Voices his opinions like Anshul when it comes to me. Gets pissed when I give the lunchbox to Anshul first. Loves eating my lunch and a very friendly character.

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